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We share these tips so that you can use the Lodago solution to the fullest.

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You can customise Lodago by adding your logo to your calendar or by customizing the calendar with your company colours. Make Lodago a corporate tool! 

To do so, go to the "Logo & Brand Customization" tab of your Lodago account. 

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Lodago provides you with a multitude of KPIs (including open rate and click rate). 

Don't forget to look at these statistics to measure your recipients' engagement with your emails. 

Lodago allows you to set up a real emailing strategy with a precise follow-up of your performances and objectives.

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When your videoconference tool is synchronised and the appointment is a video conference, your prospect will receive the video conference link directly in the appointment confirmation email.

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In order for your calendar’s availability to be displayed according to your prospect's time zone when you send an email from the Lodago editor, you must enter your prospect's city in your CRM/software customer file. 

If this information is not filled in when you send an email from the Lodago editor, your availability will be displayed according to your default time zone. In this case, the recipient can change the time zone when he/she consults your availability. 

When the prospect makes an appointment from a booking link and is redirected to a personalized page where they can make an appointment, the time zone is displayed according to the time zone of your prospect's browser (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome). The recipient can change the time zone when they consult your availability.

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It is essential that you configure your Domain Name Server (DNS) signatures. An electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the data and the authenticity of the sender of an email.

We are fully available to assist you in configuring your signatures. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or by booking a meeting with us.

The configuration of your signatures is essential for accessing all of Lodago's features, particularly the one that allows you to integrate your calendar into the email.

The configuration of your signatures also allows you to have a better deliverability, that is to say a maximum of sent emails that arrive in your recipients’ inbox and a minimum in their spam. This configuration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

To find out how to set them up, click here.
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Create your commercial email templates in your Lodago account and access them directly from your CRM/software. Save time easily! In order to create your templates, please go to the "Email Templates" tab in your Lodago account. Learn more about how to create your templates, click here.

Congratulations, you now know all the secrets of Lodago!

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