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Lodago was created to simplify the user experience when booking meetings and to generate more sales. This enables organizations to achieve more revenue growth and provide business expansion, thus creating more jobs.

We optimize every aspect of the online appointment scheduling process. Clients and prospects feedback shape our product development. Why? To make sure our tool aligns with their current and future needs. 

We exploit the latest innovations to redefine the way appointments are made and managed to contribute to your success.

Meeting scheduler - designed for teams

Less frictions, more conversions!

Less frictions, more conversions!

Our expertise to offer you a revolutionary solution

1 years
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Company history


Start of commercialization of Lodago’s appointment scheduling tool


Start of development of Lodago’s appointment scheduling tool


Leroy-merlinConsulting mission to improve the emailing solution of the leroymerlin.fr platform


Commercialization of Lodago’s emailing platform


Leroy-merlinConsulting mission to develop an evaluation system for the European Research Council


Marketing of a cloud-based solution.

+50 customers including Leroy-merlin


Leroy-merlinConsulting mission to develop a management system that integrates an internal email system for the European Commission


Marketing of a first mailing platform with a drag & drop editor


Marketing of the Yellow Engine software, specialising in the enhancement of customer files.

+ 300 clients including   Groupon Logo : histoire, signification de l'emblème

Our history

Co-founder of appointment management software

Our history

Mustafa Senhaji became passionate about IT at the age of 18 while working as a mover for IBM in Paris La Défense. He decided to make it his vocation. He then resumed his studies, first in network infrastructure to take advantage of the rise of the Internet and applications, then in development to become a Master IT Engineer.

After several years of experience as a Senior IT Consultant for large distribution groups and European institutions, he decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

After 2 years of research and development, using rare and innovative technologies, Lodago was born.

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