Set up Lodago with your software/inbox

You can easily use Lodago directly from your software/inbox. No code or development is required and it’s only a few minutes set-up! Just follow the 3 steps below.

To use Lodago on your software/inbox, follow these steps:

You need to set up your sending server. It takes a few minutes and it’s very easy. Please contact us through our contact form by clicking here to instantly receive the confidential information by email (select “Urgent” in “type”).

You can also book an appointment with us and we can set up your server together by clicking here.

Step 1: In your Lodago account, go to the “Event” tab.

crm set up - event

Step 2: Click on the “CREATE NEW EVENT” button.

crm set up - create an event

Step 3: Complete the event details, including the “Event hashtag (#)”.

crm set up - create a hashtag event

You can now send an email with your event hashtag (#). You just have to write your email, and add your event hashtag in the email content. For example, “Hi John, looking forward to meeting you #demo.”.

software set up - use of a hashtag event
Software set up - Embedded calendar

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