Getting started (administrator license)

We have created this guide so that you can install the Lodago solution quickly and easily.

If you have any difficulties or questions, you can always contact us via our contact form or by booking a meeting with us.

We recommend that you book an onboarding session with our Lodago officers by clicking here.

In your Lodago account you will synchronize your calendar, set your availability, synchronize your video conferencing software and personalize your calendar.

You can:

1. Logging into your Lodago account

Log into your Lodago account by clicking here or by clicking on “Log in” in the Lodago.

Use the email address you used to create your Lodago account and the password you entered.

2. Synchronizing your professional calendar

You can synchronise your calendar in one click.

3. Setting your availability

You can set your availabilities very quickly.

4. Synchronizing your video conferencing software

If you're using Google Calendar, Google Meet will be automatically synchronized.
If you use Outlook Calendar or Office 365, Microsoft Teams will be automatically synchronized.

If you want to use Zoom, GoToMeeting or Webex instead of Google Meet or Microsoft Teams:

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5. Customize the calendar

In the Logo & Brand customization tab you can:

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6. Invite other users to join Lodago

If you subscribe to multiple licenses, you can attribute licenses with a simple email address.

We will send them a welcome invite by email with instructions to guide them in their first steps using Lodago.

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You can use Lodago from your inbox and/or any CRM/software. Depending where you want to use Lodago from, the installation process varies:

1. If you're using Lodago from your Gmail, Outlook, Apple etc. inbox

You need to set up your sending server. It takes a few minutes and it’s very easy. Please click here to instantly receive the confidential information by email. You can also book an appointment with us and we can set up your server together by clicking here.

2. If you're using Lodago from one of these 6 CRMs: HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshworks, Zoho and Zendesk

Download and install Lodago on the marketplace of your CRM in a few clicks.
To access the tutorial, click here and choose your CRM.

3. If you're using another CRM or software:

You have three different options you must choose from:

If you have already installed Lodago on your CRM, go to 

It is essential to configure your signatures to access the full functionalities of Lodago.

To do so, click here and choose your host. If you need help, don’t forget that we are fully available via our contact form or by booking a meeting for a videoconference.

Congratulations, you can start using Lodago!

You can find our Lodago User Guide to learn how to fully utilize the potential of Lodago by clicking here.
Get advice on how to use our solution by clicking here.
If you have a question about Lodago, click here to access our Resource Center.

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