Why and how to set up your Google connector?

The connector setup is easy and takes a few minutes. But if you need help or have any questions, we remain fully available. At anytime, you can contact us by:

Not using Google? Click here to see the guide for Outlook connector.

Why set up your Google connector?

An email connector allows:
  • to send and receive your emails from a specific email server (An email server is the machine through which emails are sent and received.),
  • to add new features.
Only emails sent by Lodago users from your company should be sent from our Lodago server. Emails sent by Lodago users must be sent from our Lodago server in order to integrate your calendar directly into the email.

How to set up your Google connector? ​

admin console
create group

Warning: Replace @domainname.com with your domain name.

For example :

  • if your domain name is bestshop.com, the group address will be lodagousers@bestshop.com
  • if your domain name is superagency.com, the group address will be lodagousers@superagency.com
  • if your domain name is iamlucky.com, the group address would be lodagousers@iamlucky.com

This group email address will be used so that we can send emails to all Lodago users in your company. By sending an email to this group email address, all users in the group will automatically receive this mail.

The group owner will manage the group. They will be able to add/remove members, change the group settings, rename the group, update the group description, and more.
We recommend that the group owner is :

  • the Lodago admin
  • admin or the person in charge of IT in your company.

Content of the email: 


This is the connector test. 

Bye ✌

Congratulations! You have configured your connector!

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